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Sons of the Forest Hang Glider locations and how to use Hang Glider

Make your journey across the island in style.

The Hang Glider was added to Sons of the Forest during its first major patch on 9th March, 2023, along with the binoculars.

The Hang Glider makes traversing large distances a lot quicker than walking in Sons of the Forest, as long as you jump from a great enough height.

To help you explore the island quicker, we've detailed all of the Hang Glider locations we've found so far, along with how to use the Hang Glider.

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Sons of the Forest Hang Glider locations

We've found 12 Hang Glider locations in Sons of the Forest:

Hang Glider location 1

This Hang Glider is located west of the beach containing the binoculars, which is north of the shotgun location.

It's right at the edge of the cliff, overlooking the ocean.

Hang Glider location 2

This Hang Glider is also on the northwestern section of the island, but west of the Shotgun location, on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Hang Glider location 3

This Glider is on top of a cliff in the northern section of the map, just north of the snowy mountains, but it's not on the edge of the cliff. Instead, look out for a camp with a black tent inside the treeline.

Hang Glider location 4

The fourth Hang Glider location is in the northeastern area of the map, at the edge of a cliff where the road on your GPS Locator Map turns south.

Hang Glider location 5

Credit to @docblinker on Twitter for finding this Hang Glider location.

You'll find this Hang Glider just south of the fourth Glider's location, but it's not on the edge of the cliff. Instead, look out for a camp with black tents amongst the trees.

Hang Glider location 6

Head south from the fifth Glider's location and head up the snowy mountain to find this Hang Glider on the edge of the cliff near some abandoned white tents.

Hang Glider location 7

This Hang Glider is located in the eastern section of the island, just south of the large river that runs from the snowy mountains. It's on the edge of a cliff pointing east.

Hang Glider location 8

The eighth Hang Glider we found is right in the centre of the island, deep in the snowy mountain. It's by a camp near the river, close to a cave marked on your map.

Hang Glider location 9

This Hang Glider is close to the shovel location, near the end of a river flowing from the lake with five rivers. You'll have to go all the way up to the top of this location to find the Glider near a camp with two tents.

Hang Glider location 10

This Hang Glider isn't actually on the edge of a cliff like many others, instead, you need to search at the edge of the treeline, near a camp and the cave on the south side of the snowy mountain.

Hang Glider location 11

This Hang Glider is on a cliff in the southwestern area of the map, south of the southernmost river on the map, just below a cannibal camp.

Hang Glider location 12

The last Hang Glider we found is in the western area of the island, just above a lake that has a river flowing into the large lake with five rivers coming from it.

There are more places where you can find a Hang Glider, we just haven't come across them yet. If you're ever near the edge of a cliff or mountain, have a look out for a triangle-shaped black item if you want to glide your way out of there.

Gliders can't be stored in your inventory and aren't displayed on your GPS Locator map when you put it down, so be careful with where you leave them! Setting up a camp near one, or using an additional GPS Locator to mark it can help you keep track of it.

Additionally, the Hang Glider does have some annoying quirks, so we've also explained how to use it below.

How to use the Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest

The Hang Glider is a tool that you have to pick up everytime you want to use it, which means it can't be stored in your inventory.

Once you've picked up the Hang Glider, you need to hold down the jump button and stay in the air for a few seconds. The Glider will then automatically deploy, and only stop flying when you hit the ground, or a tree if you're unlucky.

While flying in the Glider, press forward to point down and gain a little speed, or press back to point up, but lose some speed. Pressing right and left will turn you in that direction.

You can freely look around like normal while gliding without altering your course.

The little green circle in the middle of the Hang Glider indicates your direction, and keeping the little ball in the middle of the circle means you're going straight, and you'll stay in the air longer this way.

Once you've landed and the Hang Glider is unequipped, there's no way to track where it is, so we recommend setting up a camp or placing an additional GPS Locator if you want to put a symbol on your map reminding you of where you put it.

You could always take it back to your main base as well, but it's a little tough to walk about with, and gets stuck between trees very easily.

We meant to do that of course.

Have fun using the Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest!