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Sons of the Forest Binoculars location

Where to find this handy item.

The Binoculars were added to Sons of the Forest during its first major patch on 9th March, 2023, along with the Hang Glider.

The Binoculars are great tool for scoping out danger ahead of you in Sons of the Forest, or letting you see an item location, point of interest, or animal in the distance.

To help you explore the island, we've detailed where to find the Binoculars location in Sons of the Forest below.

Sons of the Forest Binoculars location

The Binoculars in Sons of the Forest are located in a canoe on the little beach nook in the northwestern area of the map. It's west from the beach spawn point in the north, and just northeast of the Shotgun location.

Once you've found the Binoculars in Sons of the Forest, you can use them by pressing 'I' to open your inventory, then clicking on them to equip the Binoculars. Like other similar items, you can equip the Binoculars while your GPS Locator Map or Lighter is also equipped.

When you use the Binoculars, you'll go into a zoomed-in mode that lets you see a lot further than usual. As we mentioned, this is particularly good for locating enemies, animals, or points of interest around you.

However, it is a little awkward when you're using them in the forest with trees getting in your way. So, if you're trying to scope out an area, we suggest climbing a nearby cliff, or one of your built lookout towers, then using your Binoculars.

Have fun using the Binoculars in Sons of the Forest!

For more help navigating the island, we've got every weapon location, and armor location, as well as pages on where to get the shovel, and how to get rope and the Rope Gun.

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