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Sons of the Forest keycard locations, how to get Maintenance, VIP, and Guest keycards

Where to find all three keycards.

You need to get keycards in Sons of the Forest to open special locked doors that lead to the end of the story.

There are other useful resources and helpful items behind the doors too, so it's good to explore these mysterious bunkers even if you're not interested in furthering the story just yet.

To help find these keycards for the blue card readers, we've detailed all three keycard locations in Sons of the Forest, including where to find the Maintenance Keycard, VIP Keycard, and Guest Keycard.

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Sons of the Forest Maintenance Keycard location

You'll need to get the shovel first if you want this keycard.

The Maintenance Keycard belongs to Carl Planter, and is located at the green circle on the riverbend marked on your GPS Locator in the northwestern area of the map, south from the river that runs from the beach.

Use the shovel to dig up the circular area of dirt surrounded by surveying equipment. It'll take a little while, but you'll eventually unearth a bunker.

Go down the ladder and into the first small room you come across. The Maintenance Keycard can be found on the table, to the right of the laptop. You can also use that laptop to make things in the 3D Printer beside it, like a flask to hold water.

If you go out of this room and follow the corridor down, you can also pick up the Firefighter Axe, the best axe for dealing damage in the game.

Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard location

Now that you have the Maintenance Keycard, you can use it to get the next one.

The VIP Keycard is located in a cave on the northwestern side of the island, marked with a green circle on your GPS locator. It's just north of the large lake close to the beach.

You'll know it's the right area when you see two golf carts with vines on them.

The VIP Keycard belongs to Virginia Puffton, and is found right at the end of this bunker.

You'll have to go down the hatch inside the cave, then use your Maintenance Keycard on the blue card reader beside the shelves.

Keep going through these rooms, and you'll come to some flooded rooms. Keep going forward through the flooded area until you come across a flooded corridor with a blue card reader at the end, and a doorway opening up to your left.

You'll find the VIP Keycard through this doorway on the left, on a desk with lots of monitors on it.

Sons of the Forest Guest Keycard location

The Guest Keycard in Sons of the Forest is located at the green circle on the northwest side of the island, just northwest of the lake that has five rivers running into it.

You'll know you're close to the bunker when you see a golf cart covered in vines.

Once inside, go to the door at the end of this part of the bunker and use your Maintenance Keycard on the blue card reader to reveal a gym.

The Guest Keycard belongs to Arnold Crand, and is on the next floor up, and to get there you need to take the first left, then head forward into the dining area with two staircases. Go up the stairs and keep heading forward where you'll find a nightclub area.

You'll find the Guest Keycard on top of a lot of dead bodies in one of these booths, on the right-hand side of the room.

Now that you have all three keycards, you can use them on any blue keycard reader to further explore the story. Just keep in mind that you need a few other items like the Golden Armor and Cross to actually complete the game.

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