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How to get rope in Sons of the Forest and zipline Rope Gun location

Where to find both types of rope, and the useful Rope Gun.

You have to get rope in Sons of the Forest to craft many types of resources and tools, including rope bridges, ladders, and the Crafted Bow.

As you need a lot of rope consistently during your time on the island, we've detailed how to get rope in Sons of the Forest below, including where to get zipline rope, and the Rope Gun location, which you need to explore special areas of the island.

If you need more help surviving, we've also got pages on all the ways to get water, and where to find the shovel and all axes.

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How to get rope in Sons of the Forest

There are a few different places you can get rope in Sons of the Forest, including:

  • Caves.
  • Cannibal Camps.
  • Abandoned campsites.
  • Bunkers.
  • Random containers.
  • Abandoned boats.

Caves, cannibal camps, abandoned campsites, and bunkers

The common thing to look out for when searching for rope is places that people (or enemies) are located, or where they used to be located. During our experience, we found that caves, cannibal camps, and abandoned campsites are the best places to consistently get rope in Sons of the Forest.

Cannibal camps, and most abandoned campsites, won't be marked on your GPS Locator map. So instead, listen out for music to find an abandoned camp.

You can also get captured by an enemy, who will take you to their cannibal camp, but we don't recommend this unless you have a recent save, as if they catch you again, you'll die and revert to your last save.


You have a chance to get rope anytime you open a container. These are mostly randomised spawns, but we've found that there's a higher chance of getting rope from a container when you're in - or very close to - a camp or cave.

Even if you don't currently need rope for anything, we recommend searching every container you come across and picking up all the rope you can.

You can even break open wooden crates to search for rope.

Abandoned boats

If you're near the beach and are in need of rope, then we also recommend searching the coastline for abandoned boats. It's not worth seeking them out unless you really need some rope, as they don't always contain loot, but if you do pass a boat, it's best to take a quick look in the debris.

Just be careful if you have to swim to get to a boat, as there's sharks in the water that will hurt you even on Peaceful Mode.

How to get zipline rope in Sons of the Forest

Zipline rope is different from ordinary rope, as it's used to make ziplines for your Rope Gun, used for easily traversing the island and its caves.

While you can find zipline rope in the same areas as ordinary rope, you can also get zipline rope by crafting it in Sons of the Forest.

To craft zipline rope you need:

  • Grappling Hooks.
  • Rope.

When you have Grappling Hooks and rope, open up your inventory with 'I' and place them on the crafting section to make zipline rope.

You can get rope in the areas mentioned above, but you need to get Grappling Hooks by using a 3D Printer. It costs 100ml of Printer Resin to make Grappling Hooks.

There are other 3D Printer locations, but we found one easily in a bunker on the west side, just northwest of the lake that has five rivers running into it.

Can you make rope in Sons of the Forest?

No, as of time of writing, you can't make rope in Sons of the Forest. This is one of the big differences from its predecessor, The Forest, which let you craft the incredibly useful resource.

However, as making rope wasn't originally available in The Forest, but was added in a patch, there might be a way to make rope added to Sons of the Forest in a future update.

We don't officially know for sure if the ability to craft rope is coming though, so you'll just have to get rope from one of the locations listed above in the meantime.

Zipline Rope Gun location in Sons of the Forest

The Rope Gun is located at the end of a dangerous cave in the western side of the island, just south of the lake that has five rivers running into it.

If you're not playing on Peaceful Mode, there will be a lot of enemies in this cave on the way to getting the Rope Gun. We recommend bringing a good weapon or lots of explosives with you to deal with them.

Make sure to also save your game before heading into the cave!

It will take some time to find the Rope Gun in this cave, as it's located right at the end. You'll know you're close to it once you have to blow up the enemy in the wall blocking your path.

Once you do that, keep going straight until you're in a narrow tunnel that leads to a steep path that ends up forking. Follow the left path and keep going forward to find the Rope Gun in a black box at the end.

You can then use the Rope Gun on the zipline above you to exit the cave.

Now that you have the Rope Gun, you can use your zipline rope with it to create quick traversal routes, or to explore new areas in bunkers and caves.

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