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Snoop Dogg to narrate Call of Duty: Ghosts in upcoming DLC

"Don't stop. Cap 'em and shank 'em!"

Call of Duty: Ghosts is about to receive what is unequivocally the best DLC ever with an add-on that makes the game's multiplayer narrated by Snoop Dogg.

This Snoop Dogg Voice Pack is due on 22nd April for Xbox Live, and it will come to other platforms at an unannounced date.

Soon, you'll finally hear Snoop Dogg respond to your multiplayer exploits as he imbues you with such sage advice as "Don't stop. Cap 'em and shank 'em!" or tells you "Homie's at the joint. It's party time!"

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Clearly Snoop Dogg is thrilled at this opportunity. "My voice can be connected to a game that's so hip and so hood," he said in the trailer announcing his involvement. "It's the coolest game in the hood. All my homies play this game."

This isn't Snoop Dogg's first foray into gaming. He previously had a bit part in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and starred in his own game, Way of the Dogg, which launched last year to dubious critical reception.

Our own Robert "Bertie" Purchese had the unique pleasure of interviewing Snoop Dogg at E3 2012 where all questions were asked in the form of a rap.

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