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Retro-style Japanese Nintendo prints for £10 each

Gogh get 'em.

A range of stylish vintage-themed Nintendo posters have been reduced to only £10 each at Zavvi today. The designs are based on the firm's Super Famicom console and computer - the Japanese version of the SNES, with one NES release thrown in (points if you recognise which title it is). Five prints in total are available, featuring the usual Nintendo culprits: Mario, Zelda and Metroid.

Short for Super Family Computer, the 16-bit system was launched in Japan during 1990 and was later re branded as the SNES for international release. Its predecessor the NES also took on the exciting yet confusing 'Hyundai Comboy' moniker for its South Korea outing. Much to our delight, the prints actually draw from the original Super Famicom box-art style.

Officially licensed by Nintendo itself, the posters are printed on high quality A3 paper and look especially vivid. A litany of iconic games are featured, including Mario, Zelda and Super Metroid. Thanks to their distinctive Kanji characters, bold colours and retro character design, these prints look really unique - making them a perfect gift for Nintendo fans and art lovers alike. Display them proudly in some hefty yet affordable Amazon picture frames (available in a range of colours) for some alternative festive decoration.