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Sea of Thieves' limited-time story Adventures return next week with A Dark Deception

After a three month absence.

Well, here's a surprise! Just when it looked like it would be all hands on deck until the arrival of Sea of Thieves' hugely anticipated (by me, I am the huge anticipant) Monkey Island crossover, developer Rare has announced it'll be reviving the multiplayer pirate game's limited-time Adventure series next week after a three-month absence.

Sea of Thieves' Adventures were introduced early last year in an effort to create meatier, more interesting monthly content drops, with the idea being each would form a playable instalment in an ongoing narrative. It's been fun following along, even if their quality has varied wildly (and even if they resulted in the sacrifice of moustachioed seahunk Arthur Pendragon, which is a crime I will never forgive), but then Rare suddenly announced it would be temporarily "hitting the pause button" on Adventures back in March.

Whatever the reason for the pause (presumably the impending arrival of a certain G-brush), Rare is finally ready to resume monthly Adventures, starting with next week's A Dark Deception, which runs from Thursday, 22nd June to Thursday, 6th July.

A Dark Devotion will end a few weeks before the arrival of Rare's first Monkey Island Tall Tale.Watch on YouTube

It'll see players aiding the Pirate Lord to recover some powerful artefacts, uncovering more about the mysterious person that stole them along the way. And then after that we'll likely see another pause for Adventures as Rare whisks us to Mêlée Island for the first of three monthly Monkey Island Tall Tales on 20th July.

A Dark Deception isn't the only bit of Sea of Thieves business happening this month, however; tomorrow brings a rebalance for last year's Captaincy update that'll make it much easier to achieve its various gameplay Milestones and acquire their Trinket rewards.

As part of that, the in-game gold cost of Trinkets and Decorations will be significantly reduced, as will all Captain's ship cosmetics. Additionally, the cost for saving ship cosmetics has now been scrapped entirely.

As a sort of conciliatory offering, Rare will be giving the exclusive Gilded Sovereign Captain's Table to anyone that's already earned Class 50 in (almost) any individual Pirate Milestone from The Gold Seeker, The Voyager, The Emissary, The Hunter, The Feared, The Guardian, or The Servant before 15th June. More details on the changes can be found here.

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