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Say bonjour to Bowser and co in Mario movie trailer in different languages

Lost in translation.

Last night, we got our first look at Chris Pratt's Mario and Jack Black's Bowser in the new teaser for the Super Mario Bros. Movie from Illumination.

But this trailer was not only shared in English (the version you can see below). Universal has also been uploading this trailer to its many YouTube channels, meaning we can hear just how Toad, Kamek and the rest of those in the Mushroom Kingdom (that we have seen so far at least) sound in Spanish, Italian and more.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Super Mario Bros. Movie | Official Teaser Trailer
Let's a go!

First up, as this one has been garnering a lot of attention on Twitter, here is the French version of Mario making his way to the Mushroom Kingdom. Or, in this case, the Royaume Champignon.

Cover image for YouTube video
Bonjour à tous!

Next up, we have the German version of yesterday's trailer, with a very imposing sounding Bowser. It looks nicht gut for those poor penguins.

Cover image for YouTube videoDer Super Mario Bros. Film | Offizieller Teaser-Trailer deutsch/german HD
Ich liebe dich bis zum mars und wieder zurück.

Here is the trailer in Italian, and personally I love Italian Toad - è molto gentile!

Cover image for YouTube videoSuper Mario Bros. Il Film | Teaser Trailer Ufficiale (Universal Pictures) HD
Che bello.

Below is the trailer in Spanish, and this time around I feel Kamek steals the show. In the words of my ex-boyfriend, te amo.

Cover image for YouTube videoSUPER MARIO BROS. LA PELÍCULA – Teaser Tráiler Oficial (Universal Pictures) HD
Hola, que tal?

Lastly, here is the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer from Universal Brazil. Kamek sounds more like he has a cold here, but to be fair he is standing on a massive sheet of ice.

Bom dia!

So, what are your thoughts on this movie so far?