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Here's who Charles Martinet voices in the Super Mario Bros. Movie

It's-a him.

Veteran Mario voice actor Charles Martinet was previously confirmed to voicing a couple of characters in the Super Mario Bros. Movie - and now the film has been released, fans think they've worked out who those characters are.

Having watched the film myself, it's fair to say Martinet's voice is indeed recognisable - though the movie's credits don't offer any concrete confirmation. Instead, Martinet's name is grouped alongside other secondary voice actors, without going into specifics on the exact characters he plays.

If you'd prefer not to know more ahead of watching the film, take this as your spoiler warning - and feel free to head over and read our spoiler-free Super Mario Bros. Movie review.

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To my ears, Martinet's first appearance comes via an unnamed character who hears Mario and Luigi discussing the Italian accents they have adopted for their Super Mario Bros. plumbling commercial. The joke here is that these accents are the exact same ones which Martinet does when voicing Mario and Luigi in the games.

"What about the accents, is it too much?" Mario asks out loud.

"Too much?!" the unnamed character replies, looking up from playing a Jump Man arcade cabinet. "It's-a perfect! Wahoo!" he contiues, pulling a classic Mario pose.

This character even looks like Mario, dressed in a red hat and dungarees, with a busy moustache. All-in-all, it is not subtle.

Martinet also sounds as if he's behind the more substantial role of Mario's father - which is a lovely nod to his work originating Mario's voice.

Mario's dad appears in multiple scenes in the film's opening section set in Brooklyn, and again at the end, when Bowser's castle comes crashing back through to the "human" world.

One line I loved from Martinet as Mario's dad was hearing him congratulate Mario and Luigi on saving the day, by saying: "That's my boys!" Indeed they are, Charles. Indeed they are.

Martinet's work as these two characters has seemingly been confirmed by credits from the official French dub of the movie, which have been posted online by fans. These name the first of Martinet's characters as "Giuseppe" and Mario's dad as "Mario's dad". So there we go.

In the movie, Mario is of course voiced by Marvel, Jurassic World and The Lego Movie star Chris Pratt - a fact which some fans were initially unsure about. Responding to the backlash, Pratt suggested such fans were simply being "passionate" about a franchise they loved.

For more on the Super Mario Bros. Movie, we have details of the film's post-credits scenes, if you wish to read about them. There's also trouble brewing with the credits themselves, after Donkey Kong rap composer Grant Kirkhope complained he had not been properly credited.

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