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Save £50 on a Meta Quest 2 bundle with Resident Evil 4 and Beat Saber this Cyber Monday

Available in 128 or 256GB models in the US.

Cyber Monday 2022 is here and there's still plenty of deals spanning all manner of games, tech and more.

One such deal is this offer on a Meta Quest 2 bundle featuring two critically-acclaimed games, available for just £349/$349.99 from Amazon – that’s a £50 saving and a deal not to be missed!

Alternatively, you could instead opt for the 256GB model, though it's out of stock in the UK right now – it's still up for grabs in the US however.



Let’s delve into the specifics of this bundle…

First up is the main piece of tech itself – the Meta Quest 2 is one of the most recently developed and popular virtual reality (VR) headsets available on the market.

The two models we listed – one with 128GBs and the other with 256GBs – might seem short when it comes to storage, but you’ll be happy to know that VR games aren’t as sprawling in terms of size when compared to console or PC games.

In fact, the games included in this bundle – Resident Evil 4 and Beat Saber – are just 8.8GBs and 1.5GBs respectively, so with the games in this bundle installed, regardless of which edition you go for, you’ll have plenty of space to spare.

Speaking of the games, let's talk more about the specifics of them because what a selection there is!

The first of the two – and the highlight of this bundle – Resident Evil 4 is a survival horror title well-renowned for its popularity and its vastly positive critical reception ever since its initial release back in 2005.

That positive reception only continues with this VR edition with our own Ian Higton saying it's “a wonderful way to revisit a classic”. With a remake on the way, it seems highly likely that positive reception will only continue.

For the second game in this bundle, you get yet another classic – Beat Saber, a rhythm-based title in which you have to slash away at oncoming cubes that represent a song’s beat.

One of the game’s most notable aspects is its usage of existing music with an array of bonus tracks available to buy from artists such as Imagine Dragons, The Weeknd, Linkin Park, Panic! At the Disco and many more.

Beyond that, there are plenty of other games available on the Meta Store spanning a multitude of genres including horror, action/adventure, simulation and more.

If you’re looking for more deals, we’re covering more Cyber Monday deals over on our Jelly Deals Twitter, so be sure to give us a follow to stay up to date with all the deals we’re posting about.

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