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Save up to 60 per cent on Logitech mice at Amazon

Get a wired gaming mouse from as little as £14.

There are lots of great choices out there when it comes to gaming mice, including wired and wireless options with various weights and number of buttons, all at different price points to suit your budget.

Logitech is well equipped when it comes to gaming mice, with nearly 20 different models to choose from and all of them having their individual merits.

If picking a Logitech mouse is proving to be a difficult decision, your choice can be made easier with three of the mice currently enjoying reductions on Amazon, with discounts as big as £55.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

The G Pro Wireless was Logitech's best mouse prior to the arrival of the G Pro X Superlight, and although it's been dethroned as their best, it's still an excellent gaming mouse if you need a really high-performer for your competitive gaming.

The Hero 25K Sensor is a very high performing and efficient gaming sensor, exceeding 400 IPS and delivering 25600 DPI tracking so you'll never miss your targets. The mouse has a super-lightweight 80g ergonomic body and is truly ambidextrous, with removable left and right side buttons that can be easily programmed. The G Pro wireless is still an amazing choice for competeive gaming, and right now has a big 42 per cent reduction.

Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse- £75 from Amazon (was £130)

Logitech G502

Logitech's most popular gaming mouse is the G502, mainly because it features the same fantastic Hero 25K sensor that the G Pro wireless has, but with a much smaller price tag. Its reduced price certainly doesn't make it a bad mouse however, the G502 comes with a whopping 11 programmable buttons and an ultra-fast scroll wheel with two modes so you can have complete control over your gaming experience.

The G502 also comes with five 3.6g weights which you can use to find the perfect setup and optimise your gaming performance. There is also fully-customisable RGB that can be edited in the Logitech G software along with the buttons. The G502 isn't ambidextrous unfortunately, but it's hard to find a more reliable performer as far as gaming mice go at this price.

Logitech G502 Special Edition Wired Gaming Mouse- £38 at Amazon (was £80)

Logitech G203

If you're looking for something that's no-nonsense, low cost, and will last you a long time then the G203 is the perfect mouse for you. For just £14 you can get a mouse with Logitech's 8,000 DPI gaming-grade sensor that will do exactly what you need it to do.

At such a low price point anything else is a bonus, and there are a few to point out. There's customisable RGB, two side buttons on the left of the mouse, and it comes in a choice of black, white, or blue colourways. The G203 is one of the best mice on the market for those who just need something simple, and with a 60 per cent discount it's a no-brainer.

Logitech G203 Gaming Mouse- £14 from Amazon (was £35)

Hopefully that makes choosing a new gaming mouse easier for you! If you'd like to pair a new mouse with a keyboard, then the Logitech G Pro TKL is currently on sale too. To help keep up with more discounts on gaming mice, keyboard, monitors, and so much more make sure to follow the Jelly Deals Twitter account where we regularly share the latest deals.

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