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Save over a third on this IPS monitor from Philips with a 75Hz refresh rate

Includes a USB hub and adjustable stand.

Sometimes when you're after a 1080p monitor, you're left to sacrifice extra features if you're on a budget. Or, as is often the case, extras are reserved for models with ultra fast refresh rates.

But this Philips 242B1 24-inch monitor offers wide viewing angles, a bump up to 75Hz refresh rate and other handy features, all for just £136.11 from Amazon right now. That's over a third off the standard retail price.

The adaptive sync technology and the 75Hz refresh rate means you'll get minimal tearing when playing fast paced games such as competitive online titles, whether it's on an Xbox Series console, PlayStation 5 or PC.

You also won't have an issue connecting this to a PC, thanks to HDMI, VGA and also DisplayPort support. There's also a built-in USB hub, helping you clear any clutter from your desk or PC. It's an ideal way to keep keyboard receivers and other small devices tidied away out of sight.

There's a couple of smart light sensors built into the moinitor that make this quite a handy monitor for everyday users too. This allows the display to automatically adjust the screen's brightness depending on the light in the room. It also allows the screen to automatically dim when there isn't someone sitting directly in front of the monitor, helping conserve energy during a time when it's becoming more and more expensive to enjoy gaming or working from home.

Usually you're left with the ability to adjust the height on most monitors if you're lucky, or having to settle with simple tilt adjustments. Here, you can rotate and swivel the display whenever you want, which makes it really ideal for working on portrait mode for documents and browsing the web.

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