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Save over £80 on this blazing 240Hz full HD Alienware monitor from Amazon

Includes both FreeSync and G-Sync support.

Alienware make some of the best gaming gear around, whether it's their laptops or desktops. However, their monitors are equally brilliant, and get an occasional discount from retailers. Right now, this brilliant gaming monitor from Alienware is over £80 off the standard RRP, available for just £239 from Amazon.

It's an IPS panel with a full HD resolution, so you'll get great clarity and wide viewing angles when absorbing content, whether it's a film or game. But the star of the show is the blazing fast 240Hz refresh rate.

Along with the 1ms response time, this makes it a perfect monitor for fast paced games, shooters and online games. So if you're a fan of Doom Eternal, Rocket League, Call of Duty or Apex Legends, you'll be able to see more of the action, so long as you have a PC that can keep up. And don't worry if you're using an Xbox Series or PlayStation 5 console, as those support AMD FreeSync. With the included Nvidia G-Sync support too, you're going to see minimal tearing whatever your gaming setup.

You don't have to worry about connectivity here either, as Alienware has you covered. There are two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort and also four USB ports. This is really handy for PC workstations, letting you hide keyboard dongles and USB hubs out of the way. One of the ports also supports power delivery, allowing you to connect a phone for charging. There's also a 3.5mm audio port, allowing you to connect headphones or speakers too.

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