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Save up to 52% on PowerA’s licensed Nintendo Switch controllers

Switch out the Joy-Cons for something more comfortable.

PowerA have stepped up to deliver the bargains in lieu of any notable Switch Pro Controller discounts this Black Friday. There’s discounts to be had across their range on Amazon currently, but if it was the Fusion Pro you were after in the sales, their wireless controller is the next best thing.

PowerA’s Enhanced Wireless controller is certainly comparable to the Pro in terms of features, with the same long battery life of up to 30 hours usage per charge, and motion controls for games like Splatoon. It has the same LEDs for player number and battery indication too.

While the PowerA lacks the Amiibo support and HD rumble functionality you’ll find in the Switch Pro Controller, it does have one distinct advantage over its pricier cousin in the form of two customisable buttons on the rear of the controller’s body. These can be mapped to duplicate an input of your choice, by holding the programme button (found centrally on the back) for two seconds, pressing the input you want to dupe, and then picking the button to assign it to.

Back side of Mario branded PowerA wireless controller for the Nintendo Switch

An even more wallet-friendly choice if you don’t need all the bells and whistles that the wireless version offers is the classic licensed wired controller, also by PowerA.

It may not have the motion controls and programmable buttons, but at that price, it’s a solid choice for a back-up controller in the event that you have one guest too many at your Mario Kart rooftop party. It’s very similar in your hands to the Pro too, though noticeably lighter, and doesn’t have grip on the handles.

These are both also on sale on Amazon in the UK too, with discounts of between 39 per cent and 52 per cent off for Black Friday:

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