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Rocket League's long-awaited cross-platform party system arrives this month

Team up with friends, regardless of platform.

Rocket League's long-awaited cross-platform party feature will finally be heading to Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC on February 19th, as part of the incoming Friends Update, developer Psyonix has announced.

Rocket League's cross-platform party system, which was originally expected to launch last year, is an extension of the cross-platform features introduced to the game in January. That initial update enabled players to randomly matchmake with or against each, regardless of platform, across all available Online match types - including Casual, Competitive, and Extra Modes. However, this month's Friends Update goes a step further.

When it arrives, Rocket League players will gain access to the new Friends List. Friends can be added to this from any platform (via the new RocketID system), and can then be invited to join Parties and Clubs. This means that, for the first time, it'll be possible to buddy up and play matches with specific friends, no matter which platform they're on.

You'll find a few more details regarding the new Friends List feature (which will also be used to display Weekly Wins, says Psyonix) in the video below.

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That's not quite it for Rocket League's imminent Friends Update, however. As outlined in Psyonix's announcement post, February 19th will also bring Competitive Season 9's rewards and usher in the start of Competitive Season 10. Additionally, Extra Modes - Dropshot, Hoops, Snow Day, and Rumble - will be added to the Free Play roster.

All other bug fixes and improvements will be detailed in the accompanying patch notes when Rocket League's new update goes live at 6pm in the UK/10am PST on February 19th.

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