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Rising Star unveils Wii-exclusive RPG

Sounds rather Marvelous.

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Rising Star Games has plans to deliver an exclusive fantasy role-playing adventure on Wii.

It's called Little King's Story and is made by Marvelous Entertainment, who gave us various Harvest Moon games.

It will be out here early next year and tells the story of a young boy who finds he has magical powers when he puts a crown on. His adventure begins after he becomes king and returns to the village he grew up in.

In a mixture of real-time strategy and simulation, your task is to expand your village into a wonderful kingdom, fending off any rival nations in your goal of uniting the land.

"Little King's Story has an art style that is very 'story-book' in look and one that we feel will be universally loved. The game has a fairytale quality that will intrigue and delight gamers the world around," said Marvelous boss Yasuhiro Wada.

Sounds quite promising.

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