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Resident Evil 4's mouse Ashley Graham explained

A brie-f history lesson.

Since Resident Evil 4 Remake released, there's been an influx of Ashley Graham fanart depicting her as a tiny mouse.

If you're wondering how and why Moushley has turned up on your Twitter feed, even without all the random changes Elon Musk implements daily, here's what happened.

When character redesigns for the remake were first revealed, a few people (myself included) mourned the loss of Ashley's ears poking out from under her hair. I think it's cute! I've always jokingly considered them Dumbo ears, though others see the similarities to a mouse.

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One of the first to make the mouse connection was artist Agrimmora, who posted the first Moushley fanart on 24th March. What if you booted up Resident Evil 4 Remake and Ashley was just a tiny mouse. What would you do?

"I saw a joke drawing that depicted Ashley with big ears and this came to mind", they tweeted as a follow-up, to explain where the idea came from. The fanart Agrimmora had seen was this piece posted by salomoncallee on 22nd March, which depicted Leon and Ashley listening to the dialogue lines of the enemies in the game.

Since then, plenty of others have been joining in with their own Moushley Graham creations. Capcom has even acknowledged how popular the idea has become. On 31st March, a tweet containing the mouse and cheese emojis was posted by the official Resident Evil account.

Whilst we don't have an official appearance from Moushley, you can add her to Resident Evil 4 Remake via mods. This collaboration between cathroon and TheComicFiend has Moushley perch on top of Leon's head as if she's controlling him in a Ratatouille sort of situation.

If you're stuck on Resident Evil 4 remake, we've got walkthroughs for all chapters and side-missions to help you out. Meanwhile, I'll be in the corner squeaking out over Moushley.

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