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Resident Evil 2 mod strips Mr. X down to an Umbrella thong

Speedo run.

Here's a thong: have you considered what Mr. X from the Resident Evil 2 remake looks like underneath that trenchcoat and hat?

Wonder no more! There's a mod for that.

The Beachboy X mod, available to download from NexusMods, replaces Mr. X's coat with "fancy swimwear, flip-flops and sunglasses". In short: it gives Mr. X an Umbrella-themed thong.

In the video below, YouTube channel GamersPrey gives the Beachboy X mod a spin, and somehow the relentless, buff brute looks more terrifying than I remember him being fully clothed.

Of note: the sunglasses replace the hat, so you can also shoot them off. And yes, I'm not sure I could resist shooting the Umbrella, either.

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The Resident Evil 2 remake already has a lot of cool reasons to replay the game. There's the retro outfits for Leon and Claire that make them look like their 90s polygon-fuelled originals, and there are the free survivor stories that came out recently.

But this mod right here? This is the best reason to replay I've seen yet. What next? I fully expect a mod that makes Mr. X completely naked. Imagine that coming around the corner.

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