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Resident Evil 2 remake's '98 costumes are a blast from the past


Capcom's released '98 costumes for both Leon and Claire to wear in the Resident Evil 2 remake - and they're as nostalgia-fuelled as you could hope for.

Both costumes are a free download right now, and each turns Leon and Claire into their polygonal originals from the PSone era.

Here's how Leon looks:

And here's how Claire looks:

Fans are already having fun replaying the game with these new retro threads. Expect plenty of polygon clipping, too, especially when you aim!

It's cool Capcom made these costumes free to all players - and it's clear Capcom's social media team is fully aware of the memes that have emerged following the launch of the superb remake. In announcing the '98 costumes availability on Twitter, Capcom had a bit of fun referencing the Mr. X Gon' Give It to Ya meme.

It's a cool time to be playing the Resident Evil 2 remake. Three bonus survivor modes went like for free this week, each telling the story of characters from the Resident Evil 2 universe.

Meanwhile, I'm happy messing around with '98 costumes just for a laugh. Ah... the memories!

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