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Resi 5 to get Gold Edition disc in March

Includes all new DLC, but what about wand?

Capcom has announced that the swathe of new downloadable content for Resident Evil 5, to be released early next year, will make its way onto a disc after all.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for the PS3 and Xbox 360 - not the PC - will include the original game, two new episodes, new costumes, and eight new playable characters for a new version of Mercenaries Mode called The Mercenaries Reunion. It will be released on 9th March 2010 in North America at a standard retail price of $49.99, and 12th March in Europe.

The PS3 Gold Edition will pack it all onto a Blu-ray, while the 360 version will be the original game on DVD plus a DLC download token, so if your 360 is offline, then tough.

The content - originally announced as the Alternative Edition for Japan, before Capcom decided to release it as DLC in the West - will also be available in four separate downloads: the two episodes and two costume packs. Each of these will also add two of the Mercenaries characters.

The first episode, Lost in Nightmares, has Chris Redifeld and Jill Valentine investigating the basement of Umbrella founder Ozwell E. Spencer's mansion and finding "new evil" there. It will be available on 17th February on 360 and 18th February on PS3, alongside Costume Pack 1.

The second, untitled episode, about which nothing is known, will be released with Costume Pack 2 on 3rd March on 360 and 4th March on PS3. According to Famtisu, the episodes will cost 400 Microsoft Points each (£3.40/€4.80), whereas the costume packs cost 160 MSP (£1.36/€1.86) each.

There's no word on whether any of this content will be coming to the PC version of the game. Nor does Capcom's press release mention the support for the PS3 motion controller that was announced as being included in the Alternative Edition at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Sony has said that it will release the PS3 motion controller in Spring, but mid-February to early March seems rather early. We've contacted Capcom to make sure Resi 5's wand support hasn't gone walkabout.