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Redundancies at Syndicate studio confirmed

25 Starbreeze staffers shown the door.

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Syndicate developer Starbreeze has confirmed a round of redundancies.

As reported by, 25 staff members have been laid off at the Swedish studio following the completion of its impending FPS reboot for publisher EA.

As well as the redundancies, board member Peter Tornquist has resigned with no replacement planned.

"It is sad that we are forced to make staff cutbacks affecting employees. But we have to reduce staff after the final delivery of the Syndicate," commented CEO Mikael Nermark.

Syndicate finally arrives in stores on 24th February following a long, allegedly troubled development.

"Can a solid, interesting shooter with nostalgic ties honestly reel in the punters, especially a mere two weeks before the onslaught of the publisher's favoured son Mass Effect 3?" asked Will Porter in Eurogamer's recent Syndicate preview.

"Let's just hope EA have their persuadertrons warming up."

Starbreeze's past credits include The Darkness and the two Chronicles of Riddick titles.

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