Industry offers mixed response to new Australian R18+ rating

Guidelines say that games may have "greater impact" on minors than film.

Starbreeze: Syndicate was "a lost battle from the get-go"

But Swedish studio still proud of under-performing reboot.

Payday: The Heist sequel in development

Plus, Starbreeze outlines PC, PSN and XBLA game P13.

Industry offers mixed response to new Australian R18+ rating

Guidelines say that games may have "greater impact" on minors than film.

Starbreeze: Syndicate was "a lost battle from the get-go"

But Swedish studio still proud of under-performing reboot.

Payday: The Heist sequel in development

Plus, Starbreeze outlines PC, PSN and XBLA game P13.

Syndicate dev to buy Payday: The Heist studio

Starbreeze adds Overkill to the family.

Syndicate dev's next game is F2P Cold Mercury

Seeks distribution deal for P13 project.

EA: Syndicate reboot as FPS "the right choice"

Starbreeze and EA recount development, discuss pressure to please.

Digital Foundry | Syndicate 360/PC Face-Off Comparison Video

The Xbox 360 version of the Starbreeze reboot up against the PC game.

Digital Foundry | Syndicate PS3/PC Face-Off Comparison Video

The console version of Starbreeze's reboot compared against PC.

Digital Foundry | Syndicate PS3/360 Face-Off Comparison Video

Starbreeze's FPS re-imagining of the classic PC game compared on HD consoles.

Digital Foundry | Syndicate Cut-Scene Performance Analysis Video

Like-for-like scenes from Starbreeze's Syndicate reboot analysed on PS3 and 360.

Digital Foundry | Syndicate Gameplay Performance Analysis Video

PS3 and Xbox 360 gameplay excerpts analysed with Digital Foundry tools.

Syndicate price roundup: where's cheapest?

Eurogamer price-busts UK businesses.

Review | Syndicate Review

Be the one per cent.

Redundancies at Syndicate studio confirmed

25 Starbreeze staffers shown the door.

Video | Syndicate launch trailer blasts out the dubstep

Riddick dev's new shooter fires into shops next week.

EA announces starry Syndicate voice cast

Rosario Dawson and Brian Cox take top billing.

Spec Ops: The Line lets you shoot "unarmed civilians", "angry mobs"

ESRB also flags up Syndicate's holographic bikini dancers.

No Online Pass for Syndicate, EA confirms

"It's about encouraging people to play it."

Starbreeze "in constant fear" Syndicate is too hard

Will take 50 hours to unlock everything in co-op.

Feature | Syndicate Preview: Need a Reboot?

Starbreeze's game concerns and delights in equal measure.

Syndicate Xbox Live demo release date

Plus Bastion half price next week.

Video | Syndicate four-player co-op demo trailer

Western Europe campaign map coming soon to PSN, Xbox Live.

Video | The technology of Syndicate trailer

High-tech shooter reboot coming February.

Video | Syndicate Agent Tools trailer

The futuristic weapons and tools.

EA: multiplayer now an "expectation"

But single-player only isn't dead.

EA: "Syndicate is tough, really tough"

"It's part of the legacy."

EA: "there is scope" to remake Syndicate

But consoles may not be suitable.

Latest Syndicate shots fire in

Starbreeze reboot looks the business.

Molyneux hasn't seen new Syndicate

EA on fan response, Deus Ex comparisons.

Video | 10 minutes of Syndicate gameplay

Shooter reboot a chip off the old block.

Video | Syndicate trailer gets reminiscent

Original and reboot compared.

Video | Fresh Syndicate footage shoots in

Starbreeze FPS due in February.

Syndicate release date announced

Out February 2012. New gameplay details.

Syndicate developer making new IP

With Swedish director Josef Fares.

The first Syndicate screenshots

Updated with higher-resolution stills.

EA and Starbreeze reveal Syndicate FPS

No more "Project Redlime".

Starbreeze Syndicate script leaked?

Has Fallout 3-style baby sequence.

Starbreeze making a downloadable game

Project Red Lime increasing scope.

EA terminates one Starbreeze game

Bourne or Syndicate project no more.

EA and Starbreeze doing Bourne game

As well as mysterious "Project RedLime".

The Darkness dev reworking EA franchise

"Innovative take on a classic property."