Digital FoundrySyndicate 360/PC Face-Off Comparison Video

The Xbox 360 version of the Starbreeze reboot up against the PC game.

Digital FoundrySyndicate PS3/PC Face-Off Comparison Video

The console version of Starbreeze's reboot compared against PC.

Digital FoundrySyndicate PS3/360 Face-Off Comparison Video

Starbreeze's FPS re-imagining of the classic PC game compared on HD consoles.

Key events

Payday: The Heist sequel in development

Payday: The Heist sequel in development

Plus, Starbreeze outlines PC, PSN and XBLA game P13.

A Payday: The Heist sequel is in development.

Swedish developer Overkill Software is hard at work on "enhancing" the first game, but at the same time is making a follow-up.

The news follows Syndicate developer Starbreeze's announcement that it has agreed a deal to buy the studio - pending approval from its shareholders.

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Syndicate price roundup: where's cheapest?

Eurogamer price-busts UK businesses.

The cheapest place to buy Syndicate on PlayStation 3 and and Xbox 360 in the UK is at Asda. The supermarket giant is selling the game for 39.97 alongside your sausages and asparagus.

Syndicate Review

Syndicate Review

Be the one per cent.

For a game set in the future, EA's rebooted Syndicate is a game very much trapped by the past.

At an instinctive level, that's because it's an all-action first-person shooter reboot of a 1993 game that was all about top-down strategy. At times you can feel the game creaking as it tries to keep one foot in a world created almost 20 years ago and the other in the modern shooter space. But Syndicate is also a game hemmed in by the standards of the FPS genre, which are themselves showing considerable strain after years of overuse.

With such ambitious exercises as Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness to its credit, Swedish studio Starbreeze would seem to be the perfect choice to inject some mutant DNA into the genre, but Syndicate is sadly the developer's most anonymous and generic work thus far.

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Redundancies at Syndicate studio confirmed

Redundancies at Syndicate studio confirmed

25 Starbreeze staffers shown the door.

Syndicate developer Starbreeze has confirmed a round of redundancies.

As reported by, 25 staff members have been laid off at the Swedish studio following the completion of its impending FPS reboot for publisher EA.

As well as the redundancies, board member Peter Tornquist has resigned with no replacement planned.

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EA announces starry Syndicate voice cast

EA announces starry Syndicate voice cast

Rosario Dawson and Brian Cox take top billing.

Sin City star Rosario Dawson and veteran Brit thespian Brian Cox are among the voice talent roped in by EA for its forthcoming Syndicate reboot.

Dawson plays play conflicted EuroCorp exec Lily Drawl, who's torn between the demands of her corporate paymasters and the underground resistance movement.

"I'm amazed how videogames have become so deep in story, delivering fantastic worlds and memorable characters rivaling big Hollywood films," she commented.

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No Online Pass for Syndicate, EA confirms

No Online Pass for Syndicate, EA confirms

"It's about encouraging people to play it."

Syndicate will not use the controversial Online Pass, EA has confirmed.

EA Partners executive producer Jeff Gamon told Eurogamer the decision was made in an effort to encourage all players to play the shooter, which includes a co-op component.

"We want as little resistance or barriers to entry as possible," Gamon said. "The co-op is equal billing in this. We wanted everyone who owns a copy of the game to have access to the entire product."

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Starbreeze "in constant fear" Syndicate is too hard

Will take 50 hours to unlock everything in co-op.

Syndicate is supposed to offer a hardcore experience, one in keeping with the old school strategy games upon which the shooter is based - but that hasn't stopped developer Starbreeze from worrying it's gone too far.

Syndicate Preview: Need a Reboot?

FeatureSyndicate Preview: Need a Reboot?

Starbreeze's game concerns and delights in equal measure.

You come to Syndicate with expectations. It's unavoidable. Your eyes can't help but flit over the screen, desperate to find nostalgia that's survived unscathed. Occasionally they succeed. The fabled Eurocorp corporation, that jagged and efficient-looking world map, the spotlight street lamps and the cold and business-like mission run-downs all trickle cold fire through your synapses.

After a fashion, however, bright eyes grow dim. You feel a slight heat in your head while your emotion chip boots up, your brain fuzzes over and consequently (thankfully) teardrops do not fall. You just kill, and kill again. During my hours with Syndicate's co-op mode I certainly felt Bullfrog twitches (once I saw a comrade's flapping coat and said out loud "Syndicate coat!") yet each time my mood was swiftly stabilised.

Co-op missions may be loosely based (very loosely) on the original game - but at no point does pressing RB let you see your surroundings in Rosetint Vision™ where everything's isometric, the explosions are the greatest thing 1993 has ever seen and, if you listen hard enough, you can hear your Mum shouting that your tea's ready.

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Syndicate Xbox Live demo release date

Syndicate Xbox Live demo release date

Plus Bastion half price next week.

Syndicate's co-op demo will launch 31st January on Xbox Live Marketplace, Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has confirmed.

It allows four players to team up and try out Syndicate's Western Europe campaign map.

Rockstar's entire catalogue of L.A. Noire DLC is half-price this week. The deal lasts until the end of the month and is for Gold subscribers only.

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Syndicate Preview

FeatureSyndicate Preview

Chips challenge.

The secret to enjoying EA's new take on Syndicate might be to put aside all your hopes and dreams and cherished memories regarding the original, and think of it instead as, well, a new Starbreeze game. That's not a perfect solution for everyone, perhaps, but it's also not without its pleasures. Starbreeze is a studio that's constantly poised on the edge of greatness. It brought a sturdiness and a peculiarly grim invention to both Riddick and The Darkness. I think the team can do good things with Syndicate, too.

That's how I felt after dipping into both single- and multiplayer campaigns a few weeks back, anyway. Starbreeze is deeply committed to the concept of clever nastiness - a trait that should ensure it has little trouble bringing the series' near-future landscape with its warring corporate leviathans to life. It's also used to merging nice, heavy gunplay with gadgets and gimmicks: Riddick's melee combat, say, or Jackie Estacado's cackling tentacles.

As Syndicate's main campaign starts up, dispatched on a clandestine corporate raid, your AI partner fills you in on the backstory and deals out queasy office euphemism like "soft assets" while he casually shoots two receptionists waiting patiently in the lobby you've just crashed into. It gets things off to a wonderfully unpleasant start and ensures you're on your toes straight away.

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Molyneux hasn't seen new Syndicate

EA on fan response, Deus Ex comparisons.

Despite his offer of help earlier this year, original Syndicate producer and games industry veteran Peter Molyneux has had no input whatsoever into EA's forthcoming FPS reboot of his 1993 RTS classic.

Syndicate release date announced

Syndicate release date announced

Out February 2012. New gameplay details.

Syndicate launches in Europe on 24th February 2012 in Europe and 21st February 2012 in the US, EA has announced.

Syndicate, from The Darkness developer Starbreeze, is a reboot of the cult classic 1993 strategy game.

It's an action first-person shooter "for today's gamers as well as fans of the original", according to EA.

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EA and Starbreeze reveal Syndicate FPS

No more "Project Redlime".

EA and Starbreeze (The Darkness, Riddick) have announced an FPS "reinvention" of Syndicate, which pushes real-time strategy aside in favour of "action/espionage" in a "fast paced, futuristic, action shooter" world.

EA and Starbreeze doing Bourne game

As well as mysterious "Project RedLime".

EA has acquired the exclusive videogame rights to the works of author Robert Ludlum, and is working with Swedish developer Starbreeze (The Darkness, Chronicles of Riddick) on a Jason Bourne title.