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Molyneux hasn't seen new Syndicate

EA on fan response, Deus Ex comparisons.

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Despite his offer of help earlier this year, original Syndicate producer and games industry veteran Peter Molyneux has had no input whatsoever into EA's forthcoming FPS reboot of his 1993 RTS classic.

Speaking to Eurogamer at a preview event in New York earlier this week, the game's art director John Miles said that neither EA nor developer Starbreeze has spoken to Molyneux about the project.

"No. We've not specifically gone out to speak to Peter," he said.

Miles added that a few Bullfrog veterans have been involved with the new title, but it's made no specific effort to seek help from those who worked on the original.

"A lot of the guys at EA Partners - which is the part of EA which has partnered with Starbreeze - are old developers, some of whom were at Bullfrog and worked with guys who were on Syndicate originally.

"I think we've done what we think is right with it, and what we wanted to do with it. We haven't specifically gone out and reached for input from the original team."

EA's announcement last month that it was reinventing the game as a shooter was met with criticism from many of the franchise's core fans. Miles explained that EA had anticipated the backlash and stands firm in its conviction that it's made the right decision.

"We talked about this a lot internally and felt like what we were doing wasn't... we didn't want to copy the old game," he explained.

"We wanted to take the world of Syndicate, the characters, the weapons, the corporations, the Machiavellian feeling and bring it to the current audience. We felt like this was the right format.

"I think the initial reaction from the hardcore fans is understandable, perhaps. But I think when they get to see it and actually start to play it and see more detail they'll realise it's still set within that environment but it's a new offering, a new experience."

And what of all the comparisons to the recently released Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

"This has been in development for a long time," replied Miles. "I think it does sort of make you smile when you read the comparisons, that people feel like we've looked at Deus Ex.

"Obviously, as you know, games take a long time to develop. I think it's a coincidence that they've come out at a similar time to us. When you actually get your hands on it you'll realise it's a different type of play style to Deus Ex."

Finally Miles offered a little insight into why the game has taken so long to see the light of day - the project was first hinted at way back in February 2008.

"Initially we wanted to make sure the concept was right before we marched ahead with it," he said.

"When you're bringing back an old title and developing something new at the same time you need to make sure that the concept is right, so prototyping is something that you can easily continue on and on with until you get something that you feel is worthy of the Syndicate name. I guess that's the reason it's taken longer."

For more on the game, look out for a full Eurogamer hands-on preview soon, or check out the gameplay trailer below.

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