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Molyneux offers EA Syndicate help

But not interested in a remake.

Lionhead Studios boss and newly-crowned BAFTA Fellow Peter Molyneux has said he would be happy to offer EA 24 hours of his time to consult on a new entry in the Syndicate franchise.

Molyneux, who produced the Bullfrog Games original back in 1993, told CVG that any attempt by current IP owner EA to revive the brand would have his blessing, but admitted he'd be anxious to stick his oar in.

"Yes, of course. It's a great feeling to see something you've created still have life or meaning. But my first thought is: 'I wish I could just spend a day with them saying what I thought was really special about Syndicate, or another title for that matter.'"

EA hasn't confirmed that it's planning a new Syndicate title but rumours abound that The Darkness dev Starbreeze is working on something.

"They're smart people and I'm sure they'll work it out," he continued. "But it's like a parent watching their kid grow up and do something with their life - you still want to be a little bit involved. There's been a Populous DS. That was okay, it didn't do brilliantly. Again, I wish I had ten minutes with them at the start."

Molyneux added that he personally wasn't interested in remaking any of his old titles.

"I'm actually not a huge fan of remakes, only because I think there's too many other ideas to work on. I don't think as Fable 2 and 3 as being 'sequels'. We change so much stuff - Fable 1 was a corridor-based game, so you can see the progression."