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Starbreeze Syndicate script leaked?

Has Fallout 3-style baby sequence.

Segments of a script supposedly belonging to a Syndicate game developed by Swedish studio Starbreeze have been published online.

The documents landed in Siliconera's lap. The Darkness and Chronicles of Riddick developer Starbreeze has never confirmed a Syndicate game, but Siliconera declares this to be the case.

The project's existence wouldn't be a surprise, however - rumours are strong with this one. The EA-Starbreeze project is officially known as Project Redlime.

The leaked script alludes to a futuristic world where chips can be implanted in humans, two giant corporations are at each other's throats and you are a baby - your parents play with you shortly before a pivotal event unfolds before your world-fresh eyes.

Your name is Miles.

Peter Molyneux, who helped create the original Syndicate game in 1993, expressed a fatherly interest in spending time at EA sharing his thoughts should a new game come to fruition.

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