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Red Dead Redemption 2 Dreamcatcher locations - where to find all Dreamcatchers

How to find and collect every Dreamcatcher collectible in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Dreamcatchers, unlike a lot of other collectibles in the frankly massive Red Dead Redemption 2, don't require you to trigger a mission to find them.

Instead, Dreamcatchers can be found right from the get go from when you first get to camp, and provide a valuable reward, which we will get to a little bit later. There are 20 Dreamcatchers hanging in Trees to find, but you will be able to make this process a little more painless with our handy guide.

Here, we'll detail all Dreamcatcher locations in Red Dead Redemption 2, as well as the reward and how to find it, too.

For more help, our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough explains the requirements for fully completing the game's many story missions.

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[4K HDR] Red Dead Redemption 2 HDR Fix Tested! Plus Graphics 'Downgrade' Analysis

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dreamcatcher locations - how and where to find all Dreamcatchers

One worthwhile tip to follow while using this page, before we dive in, is to navigate to the locations shown on the map, and then once there activate deadeye and look amongst the trees, the Dreamcatcher's location should be highlighted clearly on your map.

Dreamcatcher 1 location

To get to the first Dreamcatcher, set a waypoint under the letter E in “Valentine”, there, you should see a dotted line, slightly west of the third dot will lie the first Dreamcatcher, you should be able to easily see it by highlighting it with Deadeye and recognise it from the stump you see before it.

Dreamcatcher 2 location

The second Dreamcatcher is a relatively easy find, you'll want to set your waypoint to just left of the junction at Caliban's Seat, right near the camp in Valentine. The Dreamcatcher can be found on the western path facing north. Once you get there, use Deadeye to find this second Dreamcatcher. There is a Stranger mission conveniently nearby, too, so you can also do that straight after finding this one.

Dreamcatcher 3 location

The third Dreamcatcher can be found on the southern bank on the Dakota River, and can be found just south of the Legendary Fish location, while riding south along the bank, you will see a ledge facing the river, use Deadeye in the location we have pinpointed and you will be able to find the next dreamcatcher on top of the ridge.

Dreamcatcher 4 location

Just east of the E in “New” of New Hanover on your map, will be the location of the next Dreamcatcher, you should be able to find it pretty easily by going slightly west of the road. We've pinpointed the location below, if you are struggling to find it, while facing North, you will find it in the middle of a group of trees slightly hidden, use Deadeye to pinpoint it and your controller will vibrate when you are near.

Dreamcatcher 5 location

This next Dreamcatcher can be found just east of Valentine. North of where Citadel Rock on your map is marked will be 3 roads,the first one will be smaller, the second larger, and the third, smaller. Go between the second and third roads to find this Dreamcatcher, which will be just above a bank next to a railroad. We've pinpointed it on our screenshots, this one is pretty hard to miss, if you're having trouble just use Deadeye to locate and highlight it.

Dreamcatcher 6 location

Dreamcatcher 6 is one of the easiest to find, on your map head to the top left of the “N” in Heartlands and you will find a single tree with no leaves, with a Dreamcatcher hanging on it. If you are approaching it heading from the North, the Dreamcatcher may be over a bank on the horizon, just head over it and it's incredibly hard to miss.

Dreamcatcher 7 location

South of Heartland Overflow and north of Emerald Ranch lies the next Dreamcatcher, it will lie next to a thick tree and just down a slight ridge, this is another simple find, and can be acquired with little to no issue, if you are again having trouble looking for this one, just use Deadeye to pinpoint it and you should have no trouble at all.

Dreamcatcher 8 location

Situated in the inside ring of the “O” of New Hanover, this is actually a more tricky Dreamcatcher to find. Due to the amount of trees in this location, you want to head slightly more East of the inner ring of the “O”, use Deadeye to find the tree, and when your controller rumbles, you will be right next to the Dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher 9 location

Slightly west of the Aberdeen Pig Farm south of Emerald Station, you will find this Dreamcatcher next to some smaller Trees and shrubbery, it can be hard to spot, and it's easy to meander along in this area, so make sure you use the pinpointed locations that we've highlighted on the map and use Deadeye to find the Dreamcatcher reliably.

Dreamcatcher 10 location

Just north of Lonnie's Shack, this Dreamcatcher is another slightly difficult one to find. This one is hidden between shrubbery and you will need to head northwest off the path of the “L” in Lonnie's Shack to find it. Don't be afraid to wade in the shrubbery to find this Dreamcatcher. Use the usual methods of Deadeye near the point we've highlighted on the map.

Dreamcatcher 11 location

This Dreamcatcher is located just north of Bluewater Marsh next to a junction neading northwest. Here, slightly south of the road will be the next Dreamcatcher, this is another easier spot and should not be too hard to find.

Dreamcatcher 12 location

This Dreamcatcher is a tough find, but stay true to the map's pinpointed location and you will find it just south of the Elysian Pool, don't do as we did however and attempt to find this one at night, as the crowded trees and shrubbery should be no problem if light helps to find this Dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher 13 location

Dreamcatcher 13 is one of the hardest to spot, purely due to how the Dreamcatcher is placed in the tree. Since it's a wooded area you will want to follow the map locations here to a T, otherwise you might find yourself wandering just off of the eastern path down between Annesburg and Elysian Pool.

Dreamcatcher 14 location

Dreamcatcher 14 can be hard to find if you don't know where to look, however it is located under the “U” in Annesburg on a ridge overlooking the Lannachee River. It's on top of a ridge, which means you might have to climb a little to find it, but once you're on top, the Dreamcatcher should be right there.

Dreamcatcher 15 location

This Dreamcatcher is found on the tip of the second “N” in Annesburg on your map. It should be relatively simple to get there and find this Dreamcatcher, which is isolated from other trees, which mean that you should be able to find this one relatively easily if you rely on the rumble of your controller.

Dreamcatcher 16 location

This dreamcatcher can easily be found by heading north across Annesburg and is located just west between the road and river, due to this area being heavily wooded, rely on the rumble of your controller in this location to determine the location of this Dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher 17 location

This Dreamcatcher is stuck in the middle of some pretty treacherous territory, we recommend that you head northwest through Annesburg to get up to this location, and on the path near The Loft on your map should be the Dreamcatcher waiting for you. This one is easy to spot, but hard to get to, so be prepared to put in some effort.

Dreamcatcher 18 location

This Dreamcatcher is relatively easy to get, if you know where to go. Just West of Bacchus Bridge between where the rail path junctions up to the Wapiti Indian Reservation will be this Dreamcatcher up on the ridge, it's a pretty easy find, you just need to follow our pinpointed map.

Dreamcatcher 19 location

If you go along the Mountain path past Bacchus Bridge and southwest of Widow Rock, you should encounter this next Dreamcatcher, which lies on a ridge overlooking the Dakota River, we've handily pinpointed it on the map, meaning that as long as you follow the mountain pass near the Dakota, you should find this no problem.

Dreamcatcher 20 location

The final Dreamcatcher is in the northeast of cattail pond. You will need to follow the path east and head up a hill in order to get to a wooded ridge with this Dreamcatcher, use Deadeye to pick it out and you will finally have the last Dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher Collectible Reward

The reward for getting the Dreamcatchers is to go to a cave hidden past a waterfall in the Elysian Pool, where the book that Arthur managed to sketch leads. Here, you will find a cave painting, examine its eye in order to get an arrowhead that increases your stamina while using a bow twofold.

We've more on the Elysian Pool (and the other very significant reward hidden there) in our guide to The Poisonous Trail Treasure Map. Otherwise, just head to the pond we mentioned in Dreamcatcher 12's location, walk through the waterfall, and follow the path straight through the cave to the large room with the crack of light in the top back corner. Climb up towards that light, and the cave painting is just beneath it on the right hand side.

This video by Arekkz has a more specific location if it's useful:

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