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Red Dead Redemption 2 World Champions Cigarette Cards locations

How to find all World Champions Cigarette Cards locations in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Cigarette Cards are easily the largest set of collectibles in the already side-quest filled world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

There are 144 to find across the world - 12 collections with 12 cards in each. The good news is you don't need to get them all - just a single collection in order to satisfy the 100% completion requirement.

As such, here's the World Champions Cigarette Cards locations - which, provided you do one thing, can be completed at any point in the game.

For more help, our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough explains the requirements for fully completing the game's many story missions.

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World Champions Cigarette Cards locations explained

Cigarette Cards are often found throughout the world, usually in drawers or in loot boxes, so come prepared with some silent lock picks if you want to not cause much trouble.

But, before this we will need to ensure that you have completed the Stranger mission to find the reverend at Flatneck Station. Doing so will add extra cards to the map - one for each set - and allow you to sell them all afterwards for bonus rewards.

What rewards are those? For the first of any set, you'll get the Vintage Civil War Handcuffs - used to craft a Talisman - while for the World Champions specifically, you'll get Valerian Root.

Once you have one set complete, then the Cigarette Cards requirement of the 100% completion total for Red Dead Redemption 2 is then ticked off. Of course there's plenty of others once you're done, from Dreamcatcher locations to Dinosaur Bone locations, when you have the time!

World Champions Cigarette Card 1

To find this World Champions card, you will need to make your way to the south of the "R" in "New Hanover", where you will see a shack and a well in a small outpost. Head over to where you find the well, and the card should be laying there, next to some Moonshine.

World Champions Cigarette Card 2 + 11 Location

Just Northwest of Valentine, past the Dakota River will be a shack, mark it out on your map, which is an easy ride from Valentine and kick the door down, on the windowsill to the right of you will be the locations of Card 098 and 107 of the World Champions set. We have highlighted their locations on the map for you.

World Champions Cigarette Card 3 Location

In Emerald Ranch at the Saloon, search the front porch to find this World Champions card, you will find it on a high shelf to the right of its entrance.

World Champions Cigarette Card 4

To get this card, head to the bottom right of the H in "Marsh" of Bluewater Marsh. You should see a shack and underneath it will be a series of crates, head left on the approach to the shack and you will find the card on top of the crate.

World Champions Cigarette Card 5

To get to this cigarette card, you need to approach the Macleans House just north of Bluewater Marsh, from the front of the house, there is a table to the left side where you will need to find the card. Just be aware that the resident might not be too happy about you trespassing on their property

World Champions Cigarette Card 6 Location

To the east of where Dewberry Creek in located on your map, you will find a derelict shack, in the middle will be a hatch that you can go down, while down there on the left, behind where you were on the ladder is a series of shelves, here you will find the next World Champions card.

World Champions Cigarette Card 7

This card is easily found in Saint Denis, on the Northeastern approach to the city. The card will be in the back porch on a railing, there, you should be able to easily find the card. We have pinpointed the location for you below.

World Champions Cigarette Card 8 Location

You will find this card to the east of Valentine, in the Heartlands oil Fields, south of the main building, you will find a series of buildings. There, you will find a house with a table facing towards the north. There, you will be able to find the World Champions card.

World Champions Cigarette Card 9

In Annesburg, you will be able to find this card at the top of the Coal Mining Facility Tower. This is likely to get you into a spot of trouble, so head here at night and cover your face to make sure that you do not get a bounty while attaining this card.

World Champions Cigarette Card 10 Location

Pack your Warm Clothes on as the location of the 10th World Champions Cigarette Card is in the Grizzlies, at the northwestern point of Barrow Lagoon, you should see a shack in there with the card on the table. This is an easy find, and is not particularly difficult to ride to.

World Champions Cigarette Card 11 Location

See Card 2!

World Champions Cigarette Card 12

This card is found in a courtyard behind the Bastille Saloon, use the pinpointed location on the map to find the table that it lies on below a small set of stairs and to the left. This should be a relatively simple one to find, and will finish off the collection, which will net you $50 in total.

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