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Raze's Hell joins Xbox Originals

SEGA Soccer Slam restricted to US.

Atari oldie Raze's Hell has joined the ranks of Xbox 1 games available to download for Xbox 360.

At 1200 Microsoft Points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 14.40) the asking price is rather high, especially as the game can be picked up from Amazon or Play for the same or less.

Plus, Raze's Hell was more-or-less a budget title upon release, which helped us nudge the score up to 6/10.

Raze's Hell is a quirky third-person shooter based around tearing cutesy Japanimation baddies limb from limb, which sounds rather appealing. But unfortunately that wears off rather quickly and the quite bog standard gameplay takes over.

Head over to our Raze's Hell review for a closer examination.

The US are also being offered Xbox 1 game SEGA Soccer Slam. We're not sure why - aren't they more fond of using their hands over there?

Head over to the Xbox website to see what other Originals are on offer.

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Raze's Hell


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