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Rayman Legends to arrive on PC alongside consoles

Former Wii U-exclusive becomes even less exclusive.

Ubisoft has announced a PC edition of Rayman Legends, to arrive in Europe alongside other console versions on 30th August.

Originally a Wii U-exclusive, Legends was delayed to be released simultaneously on PlayStation 3, Vita and Xbox 360.

But the wait isn't all bad news - Eurogamer's handsomely-bearded Tom Phillips played Rayman Legends earlier this month and found the final version was all the better for its extra development time.

The game now has a range of extra modes (harder "Invasion" level remixes and new versions of classic Rayman Oranges areas). You also get the excellent soccer/beat-'em-up party game Kung Foot.

The downside is that the Wii U touchscreen elements are a little fiddly when replicated on non-touchscreen platforms, but frankly Michel Ancel's excellent platformer deserves to be in the hands of as many people as possible.

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