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Rare's next XBLA game mooted

MS avoiding probing.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has skirted speculation that Rare is working on a Live Arcade game called The Fast & The Furriest by making no sounds shaped like comments.

Presentation details for the title were supposedly leaked to Xbox 360 Fanboy, who outlined Furriest as a collection of sporty mini-games controlled by Live Vision Camera motion sensing - or a controller if you feel less ambitious.

Each of you will get to choose from familiar characters such as Banjo or Conker, then take a picture of your face and put it on their body. Good god. Your mugshot will also be splashed across scoreboards and reflect off of things like ice or a bald person's head.

Events like 100 meter dash, bungee running and hurdling will be in the initial package, with Rare apparently readying downloadable additions for the future.

The developer is also said to have toyed with the idea of including a wand-like gesture controller, but gave up and went back to sandcastles because it was too difficult.

Rumour and speculation for now, then, but far from impossible.

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