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Q-Games' Reflect Missile on DSiWare

PixelJunk maker expands reach.

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Reflect Missile, the first DSiWare game by PixelJunk maker Q-Games, has been released.

It costs 500 DSi Points (approx. £4.50/€5) and is based on a simple idea: blow-up enemy blocks with Bomber, Driller or Reflector missiles. Your supply of missiles, however, is limited and enemy blocks will be surrounded by obstacles.

Might Flip Champs (800 DSi Points - approx. £7/€8) also arrives on DSiWare today. This is a puzzle-platform game based around 'flipping' levels. The top DS screen shows the current level and the bottom screen shows what is coming next. Your task is to guide character Alta to safe place that so she can be flipped from one level to the next. There are pictures to help explain this on the Nintendo website.

Over on WiiWare, at 500 Wii points (approx. £3.50/€5) each, are Copter Crisis, Dragon Master Spell Caster, Rabbids Lab and Solitaire.

Copter Crisis has you choppering around and rescuing hikers, delivering supplies, blasting into caverns, helping scientists and probably dropping tins of beans on shoplifters from above. There's a bizarre premium upgrade available that adds copters, unlimited missiles, larger fuel tanks, cargo holds and mid-air loops. Cheeky.

Dragon Master Spell Caster also takes place in the air, but on dragons - dragons that fight. It looks quite basic.

Rabbids Lab is a gimmicky spin-off by Ubisoft where rabbid noises come out of the Wiimote when you shake and interact with it. You can also dress a rabbid up in the Lab section, take a photo and share it with your friends.

And Solitaire is Solitaire, but with 18 variants such as Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Pyramid and Yukon. There are custom gameplay options and on-screen instructions to help.

Finally, on Virtual Console, is Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye, dredged up from the Mega Drive era. This is Mah-Jongg with graphics and animations. This costs 800 Wii Points (approx. £5.40/€8).

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