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PS3 Store weekly update

Still no PES 2008 demo. Sniff.

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As another week dissolves into a bubbly beer, so do lots of new bits and pieces make their way onto the PS3 Store.

Unfortunately, though, there is still no sign of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo that 360 owners were treated to at the end of September. Sony says it doesn't know where it is, and Konami is off watching some PES Euro finals in Spain.

However, what there is this week is a taster for that other football game FIFA 08, as well as demos for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 and The Simpsons.

Eidos has also popped out another of those downloadable content packs for Ninja Gaiden Sigma, too; this time it is the Speed Master Pack, which throws waves of enemies at you and asks you to slice them up as quickly as possible. This will cost you GBP 2.99 (EUR 4.27).

Elsewhere there is a teaser trailer for Fallout 3, a trio of videos for disappointing action game Lair, and a look at Pixel Junk Racers.

Or you can simply sit back and do a spot of decorating with five new wallpapers: two for Pixel Junk Racers, two for Lair, and one for Folklore.

That's not a bad haul, all told. But why no Ratchet demo?

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