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Ninja Gaiden PS3 DLC ambition

Hayashi pledges "amazing depth".

Not only are PlayStation 3 owners set to get the most complete and expansive version of Ninja Gaiden to date when Sigma launches this summer, but once they're done they can expect to download plenty of extras.

That's according to Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi, who told forumites: "We'll be making an announcement regarding our plans for downloadable content soon. The content will have some amazing depth for a download!"

Hayashi can be confident there'll be a few of us around for that, if our impressions of the recent demo and discussions with Hayashi are anything to go by.

As well as upping the resolution to 1080p (we have a specific gallery for that, if you're curious) and upgrading models and textures to match the increased spectacle of Ryu Hayabusa's battle through the Vigoor Empire, Team Ninja has introduced Rachel as a playable character with additional missions, and believes it's improved the battle system considerably too.

Watch out for our review of Sigma, which launches in the US this month, in the weeks ahead.