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Ninja Gaiden PS3 DLC soon

New challenges in Sept.

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Eidos has announced that downloadable content will soon be available for Ninja Gaiden Sigma, with the first of three packs available on 6th September.

Each bundle is built around a new Survival mode, which allows you to batter endless waves of opponents.

Weapon Master is the first one, and will include five challenges where you'll be given limited weaponry to see off as many enemies as you can.

The second pack is Speed Master, with a further five challenges where your time and power will be limited. You'll have to master your acrobatics to dispatch as many enemies as quickly as you can.

Last but not least is the Rachel Master download, where you'll play as new character Rachel in five challeges, in an effort to be come the best female fighter on the block. Well, PlayStation Network.

Eidos was unsure on pricing at the moment, unfortunately - so they might even turn out to be free.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma was released on PS3 at the beginning of July, and is an enhanced remake of the popular Xbox fighting game. Head over to our Ninja Gaiden Sigma review to find out what we thought of it.

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