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Euro PS3 Store updates

Demos, trailers, content.

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In case you hadn't noticed, the European PlayStation Store was updated with a handful of bits and bobs yesterday.

Among its biggest treats were new demos for the excellent SEGA Rally and not-so-good Folklore, as well as fresh content for MotorStorm, Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Spider-Man 3.

MotorStorm fans will now be able to race a new truck and mud plugger around some dirty land in the Capitano & Varjack vehicle pack for GBP 1.49 (EUR 2.12); Ninja Gaiden Sigma owners will be able to master a series of challenges based around alacrity in the Speed Master pack for GBP 2.99 (EUR 4.27); and Spider-Man 3 fans will be treated to a new Goblin character in the functionally named Goblin pack for GBP 3.99 (EUR 5.69).

But if you want to sit back and relax, you can always take in new videos for InFamous, PES 2008 and Feel Ski, or just decorate your background with new Heavenly Sword and WarHawk wallpapers.

That's a little more content than the US Store was treated to, with Jericho and NBA 2K8 demos (the Jericho demo will be here next week), MotorStorm and Ninja Gaiden Sigma content, plus a spattering of game trailers making up their arrangement.

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