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Team Ninja to do more PS3 titles

Dismisses complaining devs.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma director Yosuke Hayashi has spiritedly defended the PlayStation 3 in an exclusive interview with Eurogamer - and all but confirmed that Team Ninja will be working on further titles for the platform.

Speaking in London yesterday, Hayashi slammed developers who complain that the PS3 is difficult to create games for - saying that "if they think it's difficult, they should get out of the ring."

Responding to a question about whether the team had found it difficult to transition from working on the Xbox to the PS3, Hayashi said, "there are some developers who have complained about the difficulty of developing for PS3. But, I am a creator, a developer - and by making a product, we receive money from the players. We shouldn't complain about the difficulty."

In other words, it's their job, and they're just getting on with it.

Hayashi responded in similar terms when asked if the team, which has recently focused most of its efforts on Microsoft's platforms, plans to extend its support for the PS3 in future.

"As I said, people who complain about the difficulty of creating games for PS3 should get out, right?" Hayashi commented. "While I'm saying that kind of thing, if I get out myself, then what I say doesn't mean anything! So, I should stay - right?"

Given some of his earlier comments about plans for the SIXAXIS controller in future games, it seems almost certain that Team Ninja has plenty more in store for Darth Vader's George Foreman Grill down the line. We'll have the full interview with the outspoken Yosuke Hayashi, as well as our impressions of Ninja Gaiden's PS3 outing, available for your reading pleasure in the coming days.