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PS3 sales better than expected, says Sony

Will hit 10 million by March next year.

Sony boss Jack Tretton has said the company's shifting plenty of PS3s at the moment - and certainly enough to hit the 10 million mark in 2009.

"We are tracking at 100 per cent up over last year... About 30 per cent ahead of where we should be," he told Reuters. "So sales could slow down and we will still hit our number."

The company previously set a target of selling 10 million PS3 units by March 2009 - and Tretton reckons that's entirely feasible.

"We are in good shape for that number worldwide," he said.

They're still playing catch-up - Microsoft announced Xbox 360 sales had topped 20 million back in July, and analyst estimates suggest everyone in the world now owns at least four Wiis. 360 did have a year's head-start, however.