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PS Plus members get massive savings in the PSN Store's Double Discount sale

Save up to 70% on a range of PS4 games.

Someone needs to tell Sony to calm down. Not content with running their massive Days of Play sale, they've also just launched a 'Double Discount' promotion for PS Plus members on the PSN Store.

Sadly, put alongside the Days of Play deals - which have seen PS Plus fall to £30, Days Gone tumble to £16 and various PS Hits games go for £12 - it's a bit quantity over quality here. Nevertheless, there are a handful of bargains worth bringing to your attention.

Persona 5 for just £9.99 is clearly the highlight. The gigantic JRPG is an absolute steal at that price and well worth a punt if you've been on the fence about picking it up for a while. Just know, this is the original version of the game. It's not the expanded Persona 5 Royal edition that was released earlier this year, so you'll be missing that extra content.

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Sticking on a similar theme, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is £17.49. That's one of the lowest prices I've seen for it. I'd recommend it if you're after something that shares a few ideas with Persona. Namely, it's set in a school-esque environment, you build relationships with other characters and it has a terrific battle system. The sequel is also on sale for the same price.

What else looks good? How about Shenmue 3 for £21.99? The long-awaited third part of the Ryo Hazuki saga finally launched last year and this is a great price if you haven't got round to it yet.

If you check out the full range of games in the Double Discount sale you'll also spot a few good offers on the Assassin's Creed series, PES 2020 and Call of Duty DLC.

You can find even more PlayStation bargains over at Jelly Deals! Give us a visit to grab the best price for Ghost of Tsushima, read through our guide to finding the best external hard drive for PS4 and get all the latest PS5 stock info.

Remember all of these games are also on sale for non-PS Plus members, but the hefty discounts are reserved for subscribers only. If you don't want to sign up but still want to feel good about snagging a bargain, here's Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes for only £1.99. Or there's Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for £4.29.

Sure, there are a few good offers, but this feels like the teaser to the upcoming Days of Play sale that's due to launch on 3rd June. It'll mostly be a repeat of the in-store offers we've seen this week, but I'll bring you every deal right here.

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