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Prison Architect's Escape Mode is coming to consoles next year

Locked in for a summer release.

Prison Architect's Escape Mode is coming to Xbox One and PS4 next year as paid DLC.

Escape Mode has been part of Prison Architect on PC since 2015, and completely flips the game's core prison building and management premise on its head. In Escape Mode, your task isn't to construct the most secure prison possible; instead, you take on the role of an inmate and must work to escape an existing prison.

According to Double Eleven, the team responsible for porting Prison Architect to PS4 and Xbox One, Escape Mode was initially omitted from the console version as it wasn't considered a core game mode during the porting process.

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In a new blog post, however, Double Eleven explained, "we're always listening to the feedback from our dedicated console community, and we're pleased to let you know that we're about to begin work on our version of  Escape Mode".

Escape Mode will come to Xbox One and PS4 in the form of paid DLC, and will differ from the original PC mode in a number of ways. While Double Eleven says it's "not ready to share any specifics", it does note that the new version will rework gameplay from the original mode and will add new features "specifically for our console players".

There's a teaser trailer to accompany the Escape Mode console announcement, which you can see above. The DLC is due "around summer time 2018".

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