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Prison Architect getting big free quality of life update on Xbox and PC today

PlayStation release coming "soon".

Paradox has revealed a big free quality of life update for prison management sim Prison Architect - aptly known as the Free for Life update - which launches today on Xbox and PC.

Free for Life is, according to Paradox, focussed on implementing the Prison Architect community's most requested features so "players can spend more time managing their compound rather than navigating menus".

To that end, it brings a range of enhancements, including an improved scheduler and prison log - the latter enabling players to more easily check inmates' activities, as well as "uncover misconducts ahead of time and keep track of who gets released, reformed, or reoffended".

Prison Architect - Trailer.

Additionally, it's now possible to save any created prisons, policies, and quick builds to make them easier to reuse in the future, and there are improved building and planning tools - including new room dimension tooltips while building, plus new fence and wall options.

Rounding out the Free for Life update's additions are a new guard rank system - which sees new guards rising from unranked to Officer or Specialist Officer over time, with each new rank providing additional perks - and a new age system.

Now, inmates will be categorised as either Young, Senior or Elderly, with inmates' changing both in appearance and functionality over time, with older inmates having different needs compared to younger ones.

Prison Architect's Free for Life update is out today on Xbox and PC, with a PlayStation release said to be coming "soon".

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