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Prison Architect's spooky next expansion Undead announced

Hanging with my ghoul-friend.

The eighth expansion for Prison Architect, known as Undead, is on its way to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, just in time for Halloween.

Upon its 11th October release, this expansion will bring a whole new element to your gameplay: Survival against some heinous zombies.

"Just in time for spooky season, Undead adds a mix of survival and horror to Prison Architect that will put Wardens' management skills to the test," said game director Gaz Wright. "Grappling with the task of survival is no easy feat, as it introduces an extra layer of complexity and pressure to management gameplay." You can see a little teaser for this expansion below.

Aberzombie and Fitch.

Along with this expansion, there are some new key features to look out for. This includes the option to call bounty hunters when things "go South", and some new traps and weapons.

One such trap is the ability to use "undead chum to lure the undead" (sounds tasty...). If your thing is to be less subtle than that, however, there is also the option to go full Ash Williams and steal a chainsaw.

While this expansion will cost you £2.09 (or $2.99), there is also a free update launching alongside Undead. This is The Kickstand, and it will bring Corgis and Siberian Huskies to the game.

As well as some new canine companions, The Kickstand will also let players lock cameras and make monitors a priority for guards.

You can wishlist Prison Architect's Undead expansion on Steam now.

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