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Prison Architect's Alcatraz-inspired Island Bound expansion out in June

Coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.

Incarceration-themed management sim Prison Architect is getting a new Alcatraz-inspired paid expansion, known as Island Bound, which comes to PC and consoles on 11th June.

As its name suggests, Island Bound is all about creating prisons that, through the wonders of watery surrounds, aren't restricted to a single access road. New ferry and helicopter transport options (making use of docks and helipads) can be used to deliver supplies and inmates with greater efficiency to prison compounds - although, as publisher Paradox Interactive notes, this also means more access routes by which prisoners can sneak in contraband.

To combat this, new security facilities make it easier to search deliveries and prisoners as they enter a complex, or at key security checkpoints, and special emergency services - including Air Firefighters and Paramedics, plus Elite Ops Teams - can be summoned as required.

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Elsewhere, Island Bound introduces 15 nautical-themed tiles and objects - including moats, rivers, and lakes - that can either be deployed as a bit of a customisation flourish around prisons, or for more practical security purposes. And finally, two pre-made Alcatraz-themed maps are included, in the form of Alcatraz Prison and Alcatraz Island.

Island Bound will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch come 11th June, and those looking for extra incarceration-themed fun can also pick up Prison Architect's free Cleared for Transfer expansion right now. Additionally, there's currently 75% off the game on Steam.

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