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Presidential Paintball stirs controversy

Play as Hillary or Obama!

Flash game Presidential Paintball has been stirring up controversial reactions in the US. Probably because you get to shoot Hillary Clinton and her ilk in the chops with guns.

On one side of the debate is site The Smoking Gun, using a "targeted at children" angle to sway opinion towards the sensational.

But on the other is Newsweek writer N'Gai Croal, who sees an ever widening generational gap between those who think this is silly fun and those who shout "terrorist training program".

"The Smoking Gun's description of the game is technically accurate, yes. But it's cast in such a light as to best freak out anyone who doesn't 'get' the conventions of games into thinking that the next Lee Harvey Oswald is training at home right now using Presidential Paintball," argues Croal.

Presidential Paintball lets you play as one of the current hopefuls across the pond and splatter your competition to win the election for yourself. Give it a try, if you like. Dirty assassin.

So tell us, Eurogamer reader, has it all gone too far? Or are videogames becoming the 21st century witches? Burn them BURN THEM

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