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Power Rangers AAA open world co-op pitch was "basically Arkham Rangers"

Blue is the colour.

There was once a plan to create a triple-A Power Rangers video game dubbed "Arkham Rangers" - but it never got off the ground.

Jason Bischoff, ex-global franchise director of Power Rangers at Hasbro and now a director at Funko, took to Twitter to reveal the project that was codenamed "Project Nomad".

Project Nomad was in the works in 2016, but failed to get further than the pitch stage.

Bischoff described it as "an ambitious, open world co-op that captured the energy, teamwork, and history of the franchise through a fresh lens".

"Basically, 'Arkham' Rangers... or Gotham Knights five years before GK's announcement."

That's a nod to Rocksteady's superb Batman Arkham series, and to the recently-delayed Gotham Knights, an open-world, action RPG you can play solo or co-op starring playable Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin. The trailer for Gotham Knights is below:

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Bischoff said Project Nomad had "no bandwidth or budget" to support the project internally, but he did get approval to "independently explore".

This resulted in a pitch. Early talks with developers and publishers were said to have been "favourable", but "ultimately time and big shifts in our business saw conversations around Project Nomad peter out".

So, Project Nomad fell by the wayside, and that triple-A Power Rangers dream failed to materialise.

Thankfully, Bischoff shared concept art of the game, and a note on its proposed set-up: "Eltar, under occupation, being freed by a myriad of Rangers from across the cosmos."

There have been a number of Power Rangers video games over the years, most recently 2019's 2D fighting game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Check out the gameplay in the video below (it reminds me of Marvel vs. Capcom):

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