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PlayTV update adds SD upscaler

Plus straight-to-TV button on XMB.

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Sony has released a free update for PlayTV that introduces an SD upscaler among other new features.

Perhaps most exciting (relatively speaking) is the new ability to go directly to watching TV from the XMB, rather than having to click through menus.

Producer Mark Bunting announced the new features in a Three Speech video blog, adding that there are also new fast-forward and rewind speeds, and new volume controls.

The SD upscaler is "basically magic with maths", he said, providing "sharper pictures" and "improved contrast" to normal TV images.

"One day we want PlayTV to work in high definition," he added, "but we can only do that when free digital TV comes in HD, which at the moment only happens in France and Spain."

To get the update, PlayTV users who haven't done so before should scroll down to the "About" button in the Settings menu and click through to download. Those of you who have previously updated should have a Software Update button on the main menu carousel.

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