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PlayStation 5 sales largely flat, as game sales fall

No change yet to ambitious console forecast.

Sony PS5 pictured with a PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller
Image credit: Sony

Sony is still to see its promised accelaration in PlayStation 5 production, the company's latest financial results show.

During the three months ending 30th June, Sony shipped 2.4m consoles, only a slight increase on the 2.3m it managed during the same time last year.

This contrasts with Sony's forecast for the year, during which it expects to sell 18m consoles compared to the 11.5m it sold in 2021.

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Sony now has three remaining quarters to shift 15.7m consoles - which would require a major boost to production and sales figures far higher than any other quarter so far.

The company has not revised its consoles targets for the year, though did say it expected to sell fewer first-party games this year than expected, which would impact its bottom line.

2022 has so far seen the launch of Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7, with God of War Ragnarok and The Last of Us Part 1 set to arrive this autumn.

During the past quarter, Sony shifted 47.1m PS5 and PS4 games, down from 63.6m during the same time last year.

PlayStation Plus subscriber numbers now sit at 47.3 million, up one million from this time last year, though down by 100,000 from the last quarter. As the cost of living crisis bites, have some users decided to end their subscriptions?

We also don't know yet how many subscribers Sony has converted to the subscription's newer, pricier Extra and Premium tiers.

Total PS5 sales now stand at 21.7m units worldwide.

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