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You can play as a pigeon in Battlefield 1

Beak real.

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You can play as a pigeon in Battlefield 1.

Get in a flap.

The moment occurs during Battlefield 1's story campaign - and you can watch it below.

For context, the short section takes place at a tense moment where the game's human heroes are pinned down in a wrecked tank. Their only hope is to release the message-carrying bird and call for aid.

Players then control the pigeon as he/she swoops across the battlefield and over all the carnage going on below. The sequence attempts to paint a picture of the conflict's scale, the constant barrage of artillery on troops, and how one side is pretty indistinguishable from another.

Skip to 42 minutes below to see Ian ruin the emotion entirely by giggling all the way through:

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Martin first mentioned the mode earlier this week, in his piece on how Battlefield 1's campaign may actually be more interesting than its multiplayer modes.

"After that rollicking introduction at the controls of a tank, there's a sudden play for pathos that's not quite earned: a mawkish, po-faced interlude that tries to tear at your emotions while letting you play as a pigeon," Martin wrote of the moment.

"It's faintly absurd, though DICE's heart is clearly in the right place, as its campaign is at pains to provide something that deviates from the traditional first-person shooter template."

But that may not be all. Battlefield 1 is also said to feature a Capture the Flag-style multiplayer mode with pigeons, the existence of which was leaked back in July.

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