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Peter Moore: "Future couldn't be brighter for FIFA"

EA Sports is "never satisfied".

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EA Sports trouser-wearer Peter Moore has said with "supreme confidence" that the future "couldn't be brighter" for the next instalment of FIFA.

He was turning over the performance of his division on Peter Moore's Internet diary, which usually focuses on US sports, and revealed he was "never satisfied" and would be hitting this year with more innovation and quality than ever.

And, if he turns out to be wrong, he's toying with the idea of getting another tattoo.

"Some people don't like the heat. I actually love it, and it's been inspiring for me to see that our teams here do as well. Our teams are talented, passionate and motivated. It's a changing marketplace and they're responding to the demands of our consumers by developing some incredible products for the season ahead," said Moore.

"I'm not surprised that NBA Live, which jumped 15 points in review scores [from] a year ago, has the most ground-breaking feature from our line-up this year and we'll unveil it next month at E3. And I'll say with supreme confidence that the future couldn't be brighter for two of our most critically acclaimed products from a year ago - FIFA and NHL.

"We're never satisfied," added Moore. "There's always more we can do. It's what we love about our business. I hate to sound like a cheerleader, but the facts are the facts. And I don't expect them to change any time soon.

"We're hitting this season in terms of quality and innovation stronger than we ever have at EA Sports. If I'm wrong, you'll see me sporting a new tattoo - maybe a competitor's logo?"

Yes, if you could get one for Activision Blizzard that would be lovely.

Peter Moore left Microsoft for super-publisher EA last summer, and his role as president of EA Sports has apparently been ever so successful so far.

Seven of his titles managed to break the one million mark last year, we're told, with three of them making the industry top 20 for the whole of 2007.

FIFA 08 continues to perform well in Europe, finishing at 10 in the UK all formats chart months after its original September 2007 release.

For more from Moore, check out our recent in-depth interview with the former Xbox boss.

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