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GC: FIFA 08 gets 5v5 online

You control one player.

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EA has revealed that FIFA 08 on PS3 and 360 will feature a brand new online mode for 10 of you to play at once.

It's called Be A Pro: Online Team, and will let you and four friends take control of one player each from a team - the rest will be handled by AI. A unique camera will then follow you and the action, as you face off against other teams of five from all around the world.

The feature won't be in game when it launches here on 28th September, but is expected to be a free downloadable update around six to eight weeks later.

"At EA Sports our dream is to create a full 11 versus 11 online gameplay experience in which each user will have a set position during the match and train specifically for that position," said Joe Booth, producer of FIFA 08 - echoing his promise to Eurogamer that it would be integrated in the game to sit alongside the World Cup in 2010.

"Be A Pro is the first step in this direction, and now, with the ability to deliver five versus five online gameplay as free downloadable content, we are moving even closer towards the realisation of this dream."

On top of that will be Interactive Leagues, which take all of the points won by supporters of a certain club and compile it in one giant league; alongside weekly in-game podcasts by the developers, plus regular leagues and tournaments you and your friends can set up.

It will all complement the biggest and most coherent FIFA offering to date, promising better physics, controls, tricks, graphics, more teams, video capture and uploads, and lots more.

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