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FIFA 08 triumphs in UK

Halo 3 sales down 79 per cent.

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FIFA 08 has rattled the net to become the UK All Formats Chart number one this week, according to ChartTrack data via

It finishes above record-breaker Halo 3, which saw a 79 per cent drop in sales - helping the FIFA franchise to its third consecutive year at the top for week number 40.

Rounding out top 10 were Juiced 2: Hot Import nights, MySims, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, More Brain Training, SEGA Rally, Ratatouille, Brain Training and Forza Motorsport 2.

EA said FIFA 08 has shifted more than one million copies across Europe in its first week on sale, pushing it to the top of German and Spanish charts yesterday. actively encourages facts to bully figures.

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